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What’s Sleep Apnea? Learn more about this common sleep disorder here.

When a patient of Dr. Colton Crane’s at Rendezvous Dental came to him with a sleep apnea diagnosis, Crane recommended the Sleep Appliance as an alternative. Here’s what the patient has to say about the new device:

“The sleep apnea device provided by Dr. Crane with Rendezvous Dental has changed the way I sleep. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and prescribed a CPAP machine. The CPAP machine helped me sleep and I felt more rested, if I wore it all night. But I usually would take it off in my sleep and I would wake to find it on the floor.

Later that year during my normal dental checkup, I was visiting with Dr. Crane about a recent conference he attended. He shared with me a presentation he attended about sleep apnea. He went on to describe a mouth piece that would treat mild to moderate sleep apnea. I was instantly interested because of the trouble I had using the CPAP machine. I discussed the mouth piece option with my sleep doctor. He said that he has seen patient success in these types of devices and he wrote me a prescription for a device.

With that Dr. Crane fitted me with a custom mouth piece. Once I received the mouth piece, I immediately was able to sleep all night and wake fully rested! It had been years since I could say that! The device pulls your jaw forward and prevents your tongue from falling to the back of your throat, cutting off airflow. There was some jaw muscular tenderness at first, but I never once took it out during the night! It has been amazing! I sleep well and feel GREAT! Thank you Dr. Crane and your amazing staff at Rendezvous Dental!” – Ross Goff

*Dr. Colton Crane at Rendezvous Dental works with American Sleep Dentistry to provide a high quality FDA cleared sleep appliance to treat sleep apnea.

*Dr. Crane is an American Sleep Dentistry Credentialed dentist.

*Rendezvous Dental is in compliance with Medicare’s and HIPPA’s strict standards and are able to bill Medicare and most Medical Insurances.


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