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Over the last few days, County 10 has received many questions and comments regarding the process of registering to vote in Fremont County. Specifically, the question of “Do I need an ID to register?”

Wednesday morning, the Fremont County Clerk, Julie Freese issued a statement about the registration process. Wyoming’s General Election is Tuesday, November 6th.


We are experiencing a more than usual amount of questions regarding why a new voter has to show a Wyoming Driver’s license even if they have another photo identification card.  In order to help our voters be as successful as possible when they go to the polls, here are the reasons and what to expect when you go to the polls:

The Help America Vote Act (HAVA) enacted in 2003 requires states to have a voter registration system that verifies a person with WYDOT (the driver’s license department), the Department of Health, and Department of Criminal Investigation.  Therefore, the federal law (and subsequently, the Wyoming state law) requires that your Wyoming driver’s license number must be given. For most people that means showing the Wyoming driver’s license. If you don’t actually have a valid Wyoming driver’s license, you will be asked to give the last 4 digits of your social security number and to show another governmentally issued photo ID instead.  If you can’t meet any of these criteria, please contact the Clerk’s office at 307-332-1088 or 1089 to find out how you can register to vote. On Election Day, voters may cast a provisional ballot if they do not have proper identification with them and then provide the necessary identification to my office by close of business on the day after the election at the latest. Voters will be given every possible opportunity to cast a ballot.

Voters also need to understand that they are signing an oath stating they qualify to be a voter in Wyoming.  It has been our experience that some voters don’t read the oath or simply skim through it, therefore, we ask all voters filling out a voter registration form if they have read the oath.  This helps ensure that voters are aware that they are swearing an oath so they can be successful in registering to vote. If the voter is unable to read or see the text of the oath, our office will certainly make accommodations to ensure that the voter understands the oath and the ballot they are voting.

Do I have to show an ID to vote?

Those voters who registered to vote by mail, may be required to show their ID in order to vote in their first election.  Other voters who are already registered do not need to show their ID to vote. If you wish to give the election judges your ID when you arrive, it may help speed up the process, but it is not required by Wyoming law.

How to keep from being in line to register to vote:

Go to vote at off peak hours.  Best times to vote are 9-11 a.m. and 1-5 p.m.  Have your information and ID ready to go. If you need to register, make sure you find out which line is the “voter registration” line and which line is the “check-in to vote” line.  If you are already registered, you can go right to the “check-in to vote” line.