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This week, CB&T talked with Amy Larsen about her experience working with our mortgage lenders.

Amy Larsen’s family was crowded with 5 people living in a 2-bedroom trailer house (including 3 teenage boys sharing a room), Amy and her husband decided that it was time to buy a house. That’s when the Larsen’s came to talk with Kourtney Hanger at Central Bank & Trust in Riverton.

“I have thought about buying a house for many years but I was intimidated at the thought of the process and afraid of a denial” says Amy. “Kourtney made the process more understandable and helped walk us through the entire process. She provided great support when our credit scores dropped and gave me a step by step list of the things we needed to do to get our scores back up.”

The Larsen’s are now proud homeowners and are settling in to their new home. Amy couldn’t be happier with the help she found at CB&T.

“I honestly think I would have given up if it hadn’t been for Kourtney pushing us to not give up and keep moving forward.”

Amy saw a previous County 10 article about a similar story about buying a house through CB&T and figured if they could do it so could she. She is convinced that if it wasn’t for Kourtney and John they wouldn’t be where they are now. Congrats on the new home Amy and Mike!

You deserve a lender who listens, understands and makes it work!

John Whitson
NMLS #1083238
Residential Real Estate Manager
[email protected]

Kourtney Hanger
NMLS #1627278
Residential Loan Officer- Riverton
[email protected]

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