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(Lander, Wyo.) – The City of Lander is busy looking ahead and planning for the Eclipse event in August of 2017. Last week, the Council approved the third and final reading of Ordinance 1210 – Creating Section 1-3-1 creating exceptions allowed by resolution within the City of Lander.

SECTION 1: 1-3-1 states “Exceptions to the City Code may be allowed by a resolution of the Governing Body for a limited period of time and specific to an event or occasion.

Basically, this means the City of Lander can now make changes to different rules and regulations within the city in efforts to accommodate folks in a large event such as the Eclipse or for a limited time period.

During a previous meeting, Lander Police Chief Bob Cecrle said there is currently an ordinance in place that prohibits the city from charging for camping in various parks around town. Ordinance 1210 would allow the City to change that ordinance and charge for camping in all city parks during the Eclipse event. “This type of ordinance will allow us to adapt to emergencies and other types of events such as this,” Chief Cecrle concluded.

At a previous meeting, Mayor Del McOmie stated this ordinance is not being considered so the City can profit off of the eclipse event. Rather, it’s being considered for the safety of the community and its visitors, as well as for future events beyond the eclipse.

Read the ordinance below.