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“Lloyd has demonstrated both leadership and compassion in his role as a Wyoming State Legislature. Whether discussing topics as a friendly neighbor or drawing the hard line in Cheyenne, Lloyd has the knowledge and experience to be successful.” — Mandy Fabel, Community Leadership


Supporting Wyoming Communities

Lloyd believes in giving cities and schools autonomy and control over local issues. He has worked hard on numerous bills to advocate for local needs.

This includes the upgrade currently taking place on the Wyoming Life Resource Center campus, streamlining the reporting process for the Child Development Centers, and minimizing state oversight of county and municipal bridges.

Lloyd is a trusted and respected member of the Wyoming House of Representatives and has been tasked with leading major committees and projects.

Representative Larsen’s current leadership roles include the following:

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  • A Budget That Works
  • Transparency and Communication


Lloyd is the experienced candidate for House District #54. With six years of experience as a Republican Representative in the Wyoming State Legislature, Lloyd knows how to go to work for you.