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(FREMONT COUNTY, WYO.) – The Wyoming Department of Education released school performance data for the 2016-2017 school year Thursday morning.

The Department of Education reports an overall score for each school, known as the School Performance Level (SPL), which looks at the overall performance for each school and grades each school on whether the school is exceeding, meeting, partially meeting, or is not meeting expectations.

SPL Scores for Fremont County (see graphic below)

An overview of the SPL reports for 30 schools in Fremont County Districts reveals the following:

  • 47% of Schools in Fremont County Partially Met Expectations
  • 23% of Schools in Fremont County Did Not Meet Expectations
  • 20% of Schools in Fremont County Met Expectations
  • 10% of Schools in Fremont County are currently Under Review

How is the overall SPL determined?

The reports evaluate several aspects of school performance including Achievement, Growth, and Equity. High Schools in the state were evaluated on the same metrics as well as graduation rates and college readiness.

Evaluations for grades 3-8 are based on PAWS test scores while high school evaluations are graded on ACT and ACT Aspire test scores.




(Source: Wyoming Department of Education)

Want to see the detailed performance data for your school? You can view reports for any district or school here.