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A big thank you to our sponsor Wyoming Community Bank for bringing you this content on County 10.

Gardens are getting ripe (finally!) and more fresh, healthy produce is available every week! Treat your loved ones to a simple salad of tender, sweet cucumbers, sliced with onions and dressed with a simple oil and vinegar. These young cucs are so fresh you don’t even need to peel them – just rinse, pat dry, slice…enjoy! You’ll find crisp cauliflower, beautiful rosettes of leaf lettuce, baby kale, chard, baby carrots, and more. Cherry tomatoes and some of the early varieties are starting, so look for those as well.

We ‘re welcoming back two of our favorite bakers: Paula and Linda from SPICE PRESISE. Absent the last couple weeks, these popular gals specialize in chokecherry products, including jelly, syrup, bbq sauce, and delicate cookies, all featuring local chokecherries! They make many other delectable baked goods and always package and label everything beautifully.

The Wednesday Market is growing every week! We counted over 430
shoppers last week and have nearly 30 vendors selling their products.
From meat to honey, cheese to bread, we’ve got your food needs covered!
Come visit and shop each Wednesday in Riverton City Park from 5-7 pm.