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#snapshots, brought to you by Rendezvous Dental, is a series highlighting amazing athletic and competitive achievements from across County 10.

In 2013 Kayla Parazoo began running to help lose weight and cope with depression. She had no idea when she started how far it would take her. She has spent the last year traveling and running.

Kayla made the resolution to run 12 Half Marathons in 12 months last December and started 2016 with a bang. In the first week of 2016 she ran the Polar Prowl half in Lakewood Colorado. The temperature was in the single digits but that didn’t sway her!

Every month since she has traveled across the country racing. A half marathon is 13.1 miles. She initially created the goal for herself just to see if she could do it.

It took Kayla time to build up to that distance. She said she felt like every year before she would start to get on a roll with running but then she would get injured.

“I wanted to maintain a health lifestyle, injury free,” she said. “But throughout the challenge I realized I love the adventure behind it all. New places to travel to, a new course to conquer and the chance to meet new people.”

She said she was able to run in some of the most beautiful and historical places she’s ever seen and its been an amazing experience she has shared with her family and friends. She also said that the most challenging part was not knowing what each course would hold. Whether it was a hilly course or if the weather was cold or too hot.

She descries herself as not the fastest runner and says, “More runs go wrong than they go right. But all it takes are those good ones in between that keeps me going.”

Running has become her passion. She says it helps her through the tough days and makes the good days better. She says she loves the people and places it has brought her in her life.

The list of races she has completed this year as well as the months she ran them are as follows:

January——– Polar Prowl in Lakewood, CO

February——- Phoenix Women’s Virtual Half

March———– Run to the Pub in Bozeman, MT

April————– Salt Lake City Half in SLC, UT

May————– She Power Virtual Half

June ———— Scenic Ricer Classic Half in Idaho Fall, ID

July————– Star Valley Half in Star Valley, WY

August ——– Grand Teton Relay Ultra from Victor, ID to Jackson Hole, WY

September— Pinedale Half in Pinedale, WY

October ——- Run Crazy Horse in Hill City, SD

November — Mustache Run in Minneapolis, MN

December — San Diego Holiday Half in Sad Diego, CA

Her next goal is to run a half marathon in all 50 states! She has 5 states down with just 45 states to go! Good luck with your next goal Kayla. You are an inspiration in dedication!