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#snapshots, brought to you by Rendezvous Dental, is a series highlighting amazing athletic and competitive achievements from across County 10.

As a professional backwoods rider, Justin Humphries is proving, yet again, that Fremont County is full of hidden gems. On any given weekend during Wyoming’s very long winter, you can bet that you’ll find Justin on the mountain doing what he loves.

He is usually in the mountain above Dubois but also spends time in the Sierra Madres, Utah, Montana and Colorado either guiding tours or filming.

Justin began riding when he was 5 years old but got his foot in the door professionally about 10 years ago. Cameron and Brandon Chimenti of 3C Guiding got him into it professionally, and he says they taught him everything he knows.

Justin now has many sponsors including 3C Guiding, Driven, 10 High Extreme, Motorfist and Big O’ Tires. He has also done a lot of filming for Braaap Films.

He says he loves it. If he could be on the mountain every day he would. He says, “I love riding, and I love teaching people how to ride and showing them the mountain.” He says it’s really fun to watch people’s reaction to seeing the mountains for the first time.

He also does a lot of teaching on how to ride and how to ride safely. He says he has spent a lot of money on safety gear and has been in a few small avalanches but nothing major. Justin recommends people who aren’t familiar with the mountain to take precautions and have a guide to avoid getting into dangerous situations.